ISIS Sneaking Into U.S. Due To Democrats Inaction

Image Source: National Insiders

An already dangerous southern border is now an even bigger threat. A confession from a captured ISIS fighter, by the name of Abu Henricki, has led to the discovery of the terrorist group’s plan to take advantage of a flawed U.S. southern border. Their intention was to use English speakers and westerners to take advantage of smuggling routes in order to target financial institutions.

The captured Isis Scum Abu Henricki is a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship with Trinidad. He said that he was sought out last month by the terrorists’ leadership to attack the U.S. from a route starting in Central America, according to a study by the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) and published in Homeland Security Today.

“ISIS has organized plots in Europe with returnees, so it seems entirely plausible that they wanted to send guys out to attack. The issue that makes a North American attack harder is the travel is more difficult from Syria,” Anne Speckhard, who co-conducted the study as the director of ICSVE said. “So the idea that they would instead use people who were not known to their own governments as having joined ISIS might make it possible for them to board airplanes.”

Henricki traveled to Syria intending to join ISIS as a fighter. He was told he was medically unable to because of a chronic illness. At the end of 2016 he was “invited” by ISIS Intelligence or the “Emni” to launch financial attacks on the U.S. that were designed entirely to “cripple the U.S. economy. “The plan came from someone from the New Jersey state of America. I was going to take the boat from Puerto Rico into Mexico. He was going to smuggle me in,” the ISIS agent continued. He also said that he believed the scheme was aimed at New York financial targets. “They wanted to use these people (to attack inside the U.S.) because they were from these areas,” Henricki told the scholars, indicating that they were either from North America or were English speakers.

“We often hear about terrorists trying to enter the southern border in political debate, but I rarely have come across a real case. It surprised me to hear this was a real plot by ISIS to exploit our southern border. That’s concerning of course.” Speckhard said. “Think about what an insider in IT aligned with terrorists could do,” he noted. “What’s really scary to think about is that an insider can do almost anything to a company. There are very few limits on the type of damage a rogue employee could cause.”

The authors of the Homeland Security report pointed out that it’s worth noting ISIS has discussed and operationalized ways in which their operatives could infiltrate our borders and cause harm to our citizens, and downplay the potential terrorist threats from the border areas would be harmful to the safety of Americans. “This account is not a warning bulletin for an imminent attack against our country, nor is it a fear-mongering attempt to suggest a wave of ISIS terrorists are waiting to cross our southern border,” the authors added. “But a reminder to diligently consider leads and sources that confirm terrorists’ intentions to exploit one of the weakest links in our national security – our borders.”

For how much longer will Democrats continue to live in denial of the dangers of having a weak southern border? When will the liberal media stop fabricating stories about what’s going on at the border and instead cover the real stories like this one? Terrorists expose weaknesses in order to cause destruction, and that border, is a massive weakness thanks to the Democrats refusal to approve funding for a much-needed border wall simply because they don’t like Trump.

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