Israeli Leader Exposes Biden For What He Does Behind ‘Closed Doors’

Outgoing Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Biden about his approach to Iran during his final address to parliament, saying that Biden wanted him to keep their disagreements “behind closed doors., but he would not do this.

“The new administration wanted me to save our disagreements about the Iran nuclear deal for private meetings, and not to make them public., Netanyahu said. “I told his team I won’t do it that way.”

The U.S. made the agreement with Iran against the warnings of Netanyahu when Obama made the treaty without the support of the Senate. “The PM of Israel must be able to say no to the leader of the U.S. on topics that threaten our existence., Netanyahu said, mentioning his speech from 2015 in which he spoke out against the deal.

Iran refused to go along with the terms of the deal. Three months after the agreement was enacted, Iran launched a missile test, violating the agreement. Almost a year after the deal, Obama admitted that Iran was violating the “spirit” of the agreement.

By spring 2016, Iran violated the deal, and certain U.N. resolutions, three times. Then by July, German intel. reported that Iran was trying to acquire technology that might be used for its nuclear program, again, breaking the deal. In Nov. 2016, the UN’s atomic group said that Iran had for the second time gone past the soft limit on sensitive materials under the agreement.

All of this occurred while Joe Biden was vice president.

Violations of the Iran deal kept happening under Trump. Iran would not allow nuclear inspections of military locations, which they were supposed to allow for. In Dec. of 2017, then-UN Ambassador Nikki Haley gave evidence that Iran was breaking the nuclear deal by giving missiles to Yemen rebels. Also this past September, Iran revealed it was using “arrays of centrifuges prohibited by its nuclear deal and can enrich uranium ‘well beyond’ current amounts to weapons-grade, taking a third step away from the deal…”

Author: Scott Dowdy