Jan. 6th Committee Turns To Ivanka Trump With A Bizarre Request

The list of people the Jan. 6 select committee has asked to come forward for “voluntary cooperation” has gotten increasingly bold. This Thursday Congress-member Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who is the chairman of the select committee, sent a message to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Trump, asking her to be a part of helping with an investigation of a select committee whose members have vocally and consistently been against her dad.

The letter is a long one, as it takes eight pages to talk about January 6 and what they might possibly have to do with Ivanka.

“Ms. Trump has direct knowledge of Donald Trump’s attempt to persuade VP Pence to take actions to stop the electoral votes,” a media release from the select committee alleges.

The letter lays out worries to do with “investigating efforts by President Donald Trump to prevent the count of electoral votes by Congress on Jan. 6, 2021,” as well as Donald Trump’s response to the Capitol riot that happened that day. The select committee is also interested in if Donald Trump gave the order to use the National Guard.

A later part of the message also details how “the Select Committee is looking the former President’s actions and conduct in the days after Jan. 6th, including President Donald Trump’s state of mind in that time period and whether he took appropriate actions about ongoing threats of violence.”

Throughout, the message references Ivanka as a person many people near to the former president thought he would listen to.

“The Select Committee wants to discuss this effort after Jan. 6th to persuade President Donald Trump not to connect himself with some people, and to avoid more discussion about election allegations,” the letter says towards the end.

The letter also asks to meet with Ivanka Trump on Feb. 3 or 4, or during the week of Feb. 7.

Ivanka Trump is hardly the only figure that the select committee wanted “voluntary cooperation” from. The select committee also requested Republican Congressmen Scott Perry (PA) and Jim Jordan (OH), as well as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA). All of whom refused.

Author: Scott Dowdy