Jill Saves Joe During Another Mental Episode — But It Was All Caught On Video

I have usually avoided these types of stories because writing about Biden’s senility gets old at some point. But somehow, he just keeps leveling up in a way I can’t ignore.

That happened today during a White House event where Jill hosted the 2021 Teachers ceremony. That included Randi Weingarten, the child-less teachers union leader who destroyed so much in schools over the past two years. She was honored today since absolutely nothing matters to this White House except partisanship and being on the same team.

President Biden, in a completely unplanned spontaneous fashion made a “surprise” appearance in which he made the same lame “I’m Jill’s husband” joke for the thousandth time. Later, this strange thing happened.

Biden, seeming to be followed by a handler, meanders toward the mic while music plays in the background. He then begins talking, saying “I will tell you what, I would like to learn it.” What he is referring to, we have no idea, but it does not look like he was talking to anyone else.

At this point, Jill Biden rushes with her arm out, and while I can’t say for sure, it sounds like she says “look at me” with an exasperated tone. Biden doesn’t look at her or even acknowledge she is there. Instead, he mumbles another phrase into the microphone I can’t understand, at which point he waves at no one since nobody is paying attention to him. The video ends with him glancing around in a confused fashion as Jill tries to move toward him to give assistance.

It is a weird scene, and while I’m sure the fact-checker at CNN, who won’t be bothered to fact-check the Biden Administration many blatant lies, is going to tell us all of this is normal, but nothing about it was normal. Did he not hear the music playing? Why did he ignore his wife standing a few feet away? What was he even saying? It’s like the president was on another world, perhaps since he was in another world.

I won’t beat the point to death, but I will pose this question: Does anyone think this man makes it to the end of this term?

Author: Blake Ambrose