Joe Biden Syndrome: Kamala Can’t Remember What Country She’s In

Why is Kamala Harris the one constantly going to Europe to deal with the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Sure, we know that Joe Biden’s head is held together with superglue, but you mean to tell me the administration can’t find anyone more qualified than this third-tier former senator? Not once has Harris proven herself a strong, capable leader. He awkwardly laughs at simple questions and rarely shows she has any reasonable command of the issues.

She even once asked NASA if they can count the number of trees in neighborhoods for “environmental justice” reasons. Idiot.

Yet, once again, Harris is sent to Europe to deal with this exploding crisis. Let me remind you, the Russian invasion of Ukraine could spark a much larger war across the continent, even a global conflict. So, the White House sends a woman so stupid, she doesn’t even know what country she’s in. Because she called Poland the “Northern flank” of our military alliance. Um…

On Thursday, speaking in Poland, Vice President Kamala Harris displayed her vast knowledge of geography as she initially described herself on the “northern flank” of the NATO alliance…

Poland is on the eastern flank of the NATO alliance, which is comprised of 30 members…

Of those countries, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Norway are all north of Poland. Lithuania is north of Poland, Latvia is north of Lithuania, Estonia is north of Latvia, and Norway extends much farther north than any of them, even crossing into the Arctic Circle.

Thus the northern flank of NATO is certainly not Poland. [Source: Daily Wire]

Harris twice corrected herself, saying it was the “eastern flank.” Chances are, she ignored her pre-written notes at first and just decided to wing it. Not good, for someone that can’t communicate. The world waits for more bad news out of Ukraine—and we are sending this woman to the front lines.

It’s safe to say Americans (and other citizens of the world) have not been satisfied with the “support” countries have given to Ukraine. World leaders have made all kinds of boasts against Putin. But they are all too cowardly to confront this man on the ground. We’re not talking about ground warfare. But there is certainly more than can be done to protect Ukrainian lives and thwart Russia’s advances.

But that’s not happening when Kamala Harris is the one speaking to NATO. Can’t we send one general who knows what he’s talking about? Or were all the good ones fired after Biden took over? Do you mean to tell me the best person we can send to our NATO allies is a woman who only got 2% support from her own party?

It’s as if Biden wants Russia to win.

Author: Bo Dogan