Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Triggers a Riot He Can’t Handle

It is a rule in the mainstream media that vaccine hesitancy deserves shame until it meets their top agenda, the Black Lives Matter group.

Are you a hesitant white nurse? You’re an outcast. Are you a hesitant white Facebook mom? We will shun you. Are you a hesitant white Trump supporter? Go to the guillotine.

But there is oddly been no prescription for the BLM crew in NY who are saying that the city is guilty of racial discrimination by forcing vaccines for public and indoor activity.

Hawk Newsome, the chairman of BLM in New York, was quoted in the NY Times saying that restaurants “are forcing vaccine mandates to support their racist beliefs and excluding black people.”

At a protest this week in front of NY restaurant Carmine’s, Chivona Newsome, who is also a co-founder of BLM, said about the mandates, “What will stop the Gestapo, I mean the NYPD, from gathering up black people, from getting them off the train, or off the bus?”

She further gave the threat that BLM was “putting the city on notice that we will not allow another racist social distancing practice” and that “Black people will not stand by, or you will get another uprising.” She said that vaccine verification “is not a free path to racism.”

The catalyst for these comments was an altercation at Carmine’s last week where three black females from Texas were charged with assaulting a hostess over a vaccine dispute and, as an attorney for the women claimed, the hostess who was of Asian descent, yelled a racial slur.

An attorney representing Carmine’s has disputed these accusations about a racial slur. Video of the event does not include audio, but what is shown is that three women were being led by a staff member who was not the hostess. But once inside, the hostess exits to go back to her station, when all three customers followed her back outside. One of them goes the hostess and starts speaking as the others come in. A fight breaks out.

This event would be given a lot of attention had these people been white unvaccinated Americans. But since we are talking about Black Lives Matter, which cannot do anything wrong in the eyes of the mainstream media, suddenly vaccine mandates are not a pressing issue. Suddenly, people with a specific demographic are getting angry against mandates but they are not so worthy of ridicule as white people.

Author: Blake Ambrose