Joe Rogan Goes To War With The Obamas

As the fight for the First Amendment circles around Joe Rogan, the top streaming service Spotify has worked to appease critics against Rogan’s podcasts.Rogan, who has symbolized the freedom to say things that turn the orthodox red with rage, could also find himself fighting the Obama juggernaut, according to new reports.

During this time of the covid-19 virus, where one fake word can send social media users into an oblivion, Rogan has questioned the efficacy of the vaccines, and refuses to shut the door on alternative treatments like ivermectin. Rogan’s podcast has long eschewed what some call good taste as outrageous one-liners come through at a fast rate.

As Rogan tries to handle the issue, multiple reports say that former President Obama and his wife could be looking for a new podcasting company as a three-year deal they made with Spotify in 2019 will end soon.

The Daily Mail said the Obamas have a current deal with Spotify in line with Rogans, which is worth around $100 million.

Although the report says the Obamas have other problems with Spotify, the negotiations with the couple that have influence within the left cannot help but put more pressure on the streaming platform to censor its content to bow dow to leftist desires.

Although Rogan has gotten in hot water for his coronavirus-related comments, this Friday there was little signs of contrition on this front.

He said the idea that the Montreal curfew was in response to COVID infections “wild.”

“It’s been pretty obvious that these lockdowns do not work. They do not stop the spread,” he said.

Daniel Ek, the Spotify CEO, has said the company will not cave and shutdown Rogan.

“If we want even a shot at hitting our ambitions, it will mean having some content that some are not proud of,” Ek said to employees, according to the website The Verge, which got a leaked video of the talk.

“Not anything goes, but some opinions and beliefs we disagree with could make us sad or angry.”

Author: Blake Ambrose