John Kerry Issues Outlandish Doomsday Warning To Americans

During an interview this week, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said: “if unchecked fossil fuel continues to expand in the next years at a rapid rate … that is a massive, incredibly costly problem for the world.”

During the virtual event, he made the statement after interviewer Judy Woodruff said to him, “I hear you say… as long as private investors get fantastic returns out of the fossil fuel sector, it will be difficult to move them away from it.” 

The Biden administration has been beating the climate alarmism war drum for years.

Biden, who spoke at the COP26 climate summit in Scotland last year, stated that the problem poses “the existential … threat to human existence as we know it.” 

Even though many Americans are getting soaked by increasing prices and inflation, the Biden administration continues to promote climate alarmism.

This week, a tweet on Pres. Joe Biden’s Twitter account blamed high costs on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the coronavirus epidemic.

“I know that families are still dealing with rising costs. I come from a family where if the cost of gasoline rose, we felt it,” one tweet reads. COVID and Vladimir Putin are to blame for high prices, according to the post.

People on social media, on the other hand, pushed back against the president’s statement about high costs.

Stephen Miller tweeted in response to Biden’s tweet, “Whichever freshly minted Berkeley poly sci grad is managing Biden’s Twitter appears to have never been taught to respect the intelligence of voters. Because Biden dumped trillions of dollars into the economy at its worst possible moment, inflation is rising. Energy prices are going up because he shut down the United States energy sector,” according to his post.

“I was reared in a time when Jimmy Carter advised us to turn down our thermostats as a result of an energy shortage. Biden has reverted to the 1970s script, with presidents instructing families to endure instead of tackling the problems BEING CAUSED BY THE ADMINISTRATION,” tweeted GOP Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana.

Since taking office, Joe Biden’s energy policies have caused gasoline costs to skyrocket. The AAA national average price for a gallon of regular gas was $4.114 this week.

Author: Steven Sinclaire