Justice Dept. Targets Border Patrol Agents With a Show Trial

The Dept. of Justice is now coming to a decision on issuing criminal charges on a Customs and Border Patrol official attacked by the liberal mainstream media in a fake news controversy falsely accusing him of “whipping” a Haitian illegal, according to a new report from Breitbart News.

The unnamed agent was put under internal investigation after the so-called “whipping,” an event in which national liberals and mainstream media lackeys conflated the horse reins with a whip as Border Patrol agents arrested Haitian who were forcing their way into the southern border during the siege on the Del Rio bridge in Texas.

President Biden had attacked the agents of concern at the behest of progressives, saying that “it is horrible what you see, to see people treated this way, horses running them over, getting strapped. I promise you; they will pay.”

The Border Patrol official announced his own resignation inside a scathing internal email just last week, stressing that the Biden White House’s thorough gutting of border security and concierge help for illegals. In his email, Joseph Mustafa said that the CBP was transformed into “handmaids” for illegals, saying that it was impossible for him to simply clock in and clock out as the Biden White House destroyed the fundamental mission of Border Patrol.

If the Dept. of Justice declines to issue criminal charges, the agent might still face administrative punishment inside the DHS for the event. The majority of illegals who got inside the border in the Sept. Del Rio siege have been resettled throughout the nation, with Biden White House allusions to mass deportations not materializing.

This comes at a time when other nations also facing manufactured and forced mass migration. Nations in Europe, Canada, Australia are all being flooded with as many third worlders as possible. And any of the officials tasked with border patrol in those nations are also given strict protocols that interfere with their job duties. This has led many conservatives to speculate that mass-immigration is the top priority of the anti-white globalists now calling the shots at the national and global level.

Author: Scott Dowdy