Kamala Harris Gets “Canceled” By New Republican Bill

Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, Iowa, this week introduced a bill that would prevent taxpayer money from being spent on the travel of VP Kamala Harris until she goes to the border and gives a report on how to fix the issues there.

“We have a crisis at our border, and Harris was put in charge to lead the efforts on the crisis, but it is day 56, and she has not been to the border once,” Hinson said to Fox News this week. “She has not had any news conference on Biden’s plans, and I believe it is time she does that.”

Her bill, called the See The Crisis Act would stop tax payer money from being used to fund the travel expenses for the VP, including Air Force Two, until she has gone to the border to investigate the crisis and submitted a congressional report.

That report should include meetings with border agents, strategies to handle the crisis, along with the exact amount of money to be sent to South American nations to respond to this crisis.

While the Biden Administration has said that Harris’ role is not the border czar per se, but rather a diplomat to other nations concerning the issue. Something former Trump White House officials and GOP members have pushed back on, saying to handle the root causes, it is vital that she visit the border.

They have slammed her as “missing” on the border while she visits bakeries in Chicago and elsewhere instead. Harris has virtually met with leaders Guatemala and Mexico and is anticipated to visit those nations next month.

Meanwhile, 178,000 illegals were encountered in just April alone as the Biden team has been rushing to handle the public relations of illegals being allowed to flood in through the border.

Author: Blake Ambrose