Kamala Harris Infuriates Everyone By Connecting Abortion To Civil War

In response to the leak of the draft SCOTUS decision, Joe Biden released a formal statement in which he referred to Roe v. Wade. He then made matters worse by lying about the draft and what it implies.However, he wasn’t the only person on his team to speak out about it. Because she couldn’t just sit by and listen to what Biden said, Kamala Harris released a statement as well. She didn’t seem to care about the leak or the court’s integrity, much like Joe Biden. Her main concern was how they could obtain what they want come hell or high water, even if we fight the Court and demonize Republicans in order to get it? This is a form of delusion.

“Roe protects a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. It also, at its core, safeguards the fundamental right to privacy,” Harris emphasized. “What is undeniable is that those opposed to Roe wish to punish women and remove their right to make decisions about their own bodies. GOP lawmakers in states all over the country are using the power of the law against women as a weapon.”

“The rights of all Americans are in jeopardy. If the right to privacy is restricted, every individual might face a future in which the government may influence personal choices in his or her life. This is the moment to stand up for women and our country with all you’ve got.”

So she’s not only stoking animosity against the Court and Republicans, but she’s also overdoing it. (Have they figured out what a “woman” is yet?) She and Biden are attempting to persuade people that this attack on women extends beyond abortion in order to make it appear even more terrible.

However, they fail to mention that if they had a filibuster-proof majority, they could have passed pro-abortion legislation. In fact, it hasn’t been approved because they don’t have the votes at the federal level–without eliminating the filibuster.

Kamala is of course soon to be fired from Washington in 2024. Even if Biden re-runs for office, many speculate she won’t be on the ticket as his VP.

Author: Blake Ambrose