Kamala Harris Removes All Doubts That She Hates America

Dementia Joe is having a “vacation” in his home state of Delaware.

But where is VP Kamala Harris?

Just the News reveals where she is:

“Kamala Harris’ absence is very puzzling given the big drop in confidence in Biden. The even-keeled Mike Pence was often used to accept questions as leader of the covid-19 task force, especially after days of the more combative President Trump fighting with the media. The same cannot be said about Harris.”

“The VP went straight to D.C. from her trip to Vietnam, after canceling a trip to the state of California to campaign for the embattled Gov. Gavin Newsom to prevent the Republican recall election.”

Well, apparently this plan is still happening as one reporter from PJ Media says.

“It seems that the Biden Admin. is now considering the disaster in Afghanistan to be in the past, because Kamala Harris is now confirmed to be going to California this Wednesday, according to Symone Sanders, her top advisor and spokesperson.”

Supposedly the optics of campaigning for her home state Dem leader are better than a VP helping in the “diplomacy” to help American hostages get home safely. After all, the State Dept. is doing a great job, right?

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace spoke to Republican Congressman Mike McCaul (TX), a House Foreign Affairs Committee Top Member, who reported that there were six planes of Americans that were grounded at the airport in Afghanistan, because the Taliban would not allow them to leave.

This is terrible news, and it is not like the Biden-Harris regime was not warned. No matter how much they wanted to alter the subject, Americans will not get gaslighted into forgetting about American citizens getting left behind in a badly planned evacuation, and this White House is completely inept about knowing what they can do to rescue them.

Or if do they even plan to do anything to help?

But to VP McCackles, who laughs her way through campaigns, our American citizens who are being held hostage and wishing they could get back home are of no concern.

Author: Steven Sinclaire