Kamala Harris Tries To Cover For Joe… Ends Up Destroying Her Own Side

Joe Biden’s speech this week was not only a chaotic and confused rehash of his BBB agenda, which is long since dead, but it was filled with lies. He spoke about Ukraine, but did not have any further positive actions to give. He even confused the Iranians with the Ukrainians, and you could see Kamala Harris behind him and correcting him. The speech was a big “disappointment,” Ukrainian Parliament Member Oleksandra Ustinova said.

Afterword, Kamala Harris was sent out to do interviews on Wednesday to report what an inspiring message he has given, but she had problems making the case. Maybe because even she does not believe it.

She was on CBS. “The new CBS poll discovered that 70 percent of Americans disapprove of the Biden White House’s handling of inflation. What do you say to people who report that gas prices are too high, I can’t get peanut butter, everything is costing more? What will you do?” King wanted to know.

Harris did not have an answer, and essentially reported that the reason we see inflation is that things just cost more. What a smart economic understanding she has there!

“Listen, Americans are struggling, especially working class people in terms of the price of food and gas,” Harris agreed. “And the reasons are that we need to do to deal with what is happening through the pandemic, in terms of supply chain problems, which was a lowering of the availability of goods, and so the prices increased. We also have to deal with one of the top issues – which is living costs. It is simply too expensive for working class families.”

But, Harris also threw out a word salad when she was questioned about what the Biden White House was going to do about the energy problem domestically, and if they would cut off gas and oil regarding Russia.

Harris response: “As it relates to what we have to do domestically, as well as what we have to do in terms of this problem generally, as President Joe Biden said, reevaluated what we are doing in terms of the strategic oil reserves in the country, to ensure it will not have any impact or we can lower the impact on Americans.”

Author: Blake Ambrose