Kamala Laughs At Parents Struggling To Educate Their Children

Vice President Kamala Harris laughed in the face of the American public when delivering remarks at a childcare center in Connecticut.

Harris spoke about how the pandemic has caused parents to realize the “value of educators” and that affordable childcare is “a big deal.”

Harris’ laughter came during the closing portion of her speech where she claimed there was “an opportunity” for progress to be made in certain aspects of American life, even amid all the loss that has transpired during the pandemic.

“I believe in that, that saying that in every crisis, there is an opportunity, if we see it for what it is,” she said. “This pandemic resulted in so much loss to human life, people lost their jobs, loss of normalcy, so much loss and devastation. And this pandemic was in many ways an accelerator, meaning for home, things were bad before they got even worse. And it also magnified then the fissures and the failures and the fractures in our system.”

“The opportunity is, more people are seeing that, yeah, affordable childcare is a big deal,” Harris laughed before the crowd.

“More parents are seeing the value of educators when they had to bring their kids [here] and say we’re not paying them nearly enough.”

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich blasted Vice President Kamala Harris for once again laughing at the struggles of the American public.

Pavlich said, “I don’t understand what she thinks is funny. American parents are getting screwed. Their kids are falling behind and the very people Democrats claim to be standing up for, minority students, aren’t getting an education and aren’t going to be able to compete with their peers in the United States. Not to mention across the world.”

“And just on a basic staffer level, has nobody sat down with the vice president and said, you have to stop laughing when you’re asked serious questions. It makes you look out of touch, it makes you look incompetent. That’s a basic thing that they should’ve fixed by now.”

Harris, during her speech continued, “So let’s get to it. And let’s not be incremental. Let’s leapfrog over the problems and get into the next phase of all of this. Invest in our childcare workers, invest in our childcare centers, invest in our children, pull people out of poverty, agree that it is not okay in the United States of America that children go hungry. This is the opportunity before us right now.“

“The opportunity to address long standing racial disparities in every one of these systems, be it health care, education, the economy, deal with the fact that over 2 million women left the workforce, in large part because of dual responsibilities and the need to address those responsibilities.”

“We are at a moment, I believe, that should cause us to have great optimism about what is possible. And we are all a part of it. So it’s Friday, it’s the second weekend of Spring, I left D.C. and I think the cherry blossoms are about to come out soon. And flowers are blooming and at least we see those little buds. And we have a moment where we can see kind of a Spring. So let’s go into this with all of the wounds we carry. But let’s go into it with a sense of optimism about what we are capable of doing when we do it together. Thank you all.”

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