Kamala May Be Forced To Step Down, See Why…

Arizona A.G. Mark Brnovich is asking for VP Kamala Harris to be removed from her job leading the administration’s efforts to stop the crisis at the border — a day after Border Protection announced the number of migrants had risen.

“Like many people, I was encouraged by your appointment of VP Kamala Harris to manage the efforts to turn back the tidal wave of illegals into our nation,” Brnovich said in a message to President Joe Biden. “However, currently, her response to the crisis is abysmal, so I am asking that she be removed as your ‘border czar.’”

Border Patrol announced this week that it came across 178,622 migrants in the month of April attempting to enter the country, a 3% uptick from the the 172,000 in March, which was, at that time, the highest amount in 20 years.

“Border Patrol is seeing a large inflow of illegals along the border,” acting Border Patrol Commissioner Troy Miller stated.

President Biden appointed Harris back in March to take the point in the administration’s efforts to deal with the crisis at the border. However, she is coming under fire for not having gone to the border or having a press conference about the issue.

The Biden White House has not accepted that BP Harris is the border “czar,” saying she is not in control over the border per se, but is instead in charge of the diplomatic pushes with South American nations and Mexico. However, Trump officials have responded to those comments by saying that to lead that diplomacy, she must understand and be in touch with what is happening at America’s southern border.

So far, Vice President Harris has only had “virtual meetings” with the leaders of Mexico and Guatemala. She is also scheduled to visit both nations next month.

Author: Steven Sinclaire