Kamala Prepares a “Door-To-Door” Surprise For Americans

The person soon knocking at your door might tell you that President Biden sent him to inform you the COVID vaccine is effective and safe. That person might be the same operative who brought you to vote last year. Now you will also be told that Vice President Kamala Harris said it is a patriotic duty to get your vaccine.

The feds are sending people door-to-door to pressure unvaccinated people is a huge invasion of privacy and a coercive tactic that is close to what a dictatorship would do.

Biden gave Harris the job of going to the “We Can Do This Vaccination Tour” to try to reach millions of Americans and “energize grassroots vaccine outreach.”

The real reason for all this is that Democrats want compliance of Americans. They want you to give in to this agenda, so they can more easily push their next agenda. It’s all about long-term persuasion and winning.

The groups of supposed volunteers for the Biden Administration (a weird and scary concept) are activated using community organizers. Harris revealed this week more information about how these groups will be coordinated for the door-to-door vaccine campaign.

In Atlanta, she actually revealed the script the door knockers would use to persuade Americans to get vaccinated. Like the talented prosecutor she is, Harris gave arguments against any potential excuse for not getting a vaccine.

“If you knock on someone’s door and they say they don’t have the time because they are too busy. Because now, you can tell them that pharmacies are open for 24 hours on Fridays this month.”

“If they say they can’t miss work? Tell them that there are employers who are giving paid time off for their workers to get the vaccine.”

“You may even come across people who don’t have a car. And that’s fair, because how can they get to the vaccination site? Well, rideshare companies are giving free rides for people going to and from vaccination centers.”

After her list of nanny state options to get past people’s objections, Harris then coached the door knockers on brushing any medical questions from people.

Author: Steven Sinclaire