Kamala Pulls a Fast One On Joe — And He Still Hasn’t Figured It Out

President Biden’s approval numbers are so bad that his disliked Vice President Kamala Harris, who is actually ranked as the most unpopular VP in 50 years, has better ratings than he does.

According to a new Gallup poll, President Joe Biden’s approval was at 43%, 6 points below Harris’ which is allegedly hovering at 49%.

His approval rating is now at the lowest point of his presidency and six points under the controversial Vice President, according to Gallup.

Biden’s approval lowered by six percentage points when compared to his numbers from August, going from 49% down to 43%, according to Gallup poll put out recently.

Harris’ approval was around 49%. The poll was done from September 1 to September 17, after the completion of the Biden White House’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This is pretty pathetic for President Joe Biden considering Kamala Harris is among the most disliked leaders in modern history.

Two months ago, the LA Times reported that just “5% of voters have a favorable opinion of Harris and 48% reported an unfavorable opinion of her — a net rating of -3 percentage points, according to the average.”

The news meant that Harris was the most unfavorable VP since the 1970s.

Yes, you got that right. Only 5% of voters like Kamala Harris.

And the new YouGov poll reveals that Harris’ unfavorability rating reached 49%, while her favorability rating was around only 45%.

Harris’ unpopularity is lower than former VP Mike Pence’s was six months into his office, as reported by the Telegraph. The news outlet said this was around 2017, Pence’s unfavorability numbers were at 41.9%, and his favorability was around 42.1%. Pence might have been hurt by a huge media focus on then-President Trump and the fake news that he was an agent who worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

During the Biden White House, more focus was put on Harris since she is the first black female VP. President Biden, however, put her in charge of some difficult tasks, including dealing with the situation on the border. Harris’ approval ratings began to go down after she was given that task, though Joe Biden also got a small decline in his approval.

Author: Blake Ambrose