Larry Elder Declares War Against Democrats

A defiant Larry Elder conceded his battle to become the next governor of California this week but indicated he might not be done. “Stay tuned,” the GOP talk radio personality told supporters.

Shortly after Dem Governor Gavin Newsom easily beat a recall effort, Elder spoke to a cheering crowd that “we lost the battle, but we will win the war.”

Incomplete election results showed Elder far ahead in the 46 candidates who wanted to replace Newsom if the recall had succeeded. However, most news outlets called the race right after polls closed, with the recall effort missing the needed vote vote with 69 percent for the Governor and 31 percent for the other competitors.

Newsom will also come against reelection next year, and there was speculation Elder might be in the running yet again. Elder called himself a “former radio host,” suggesting his radio career was going in a different direction.

Last week, Elder conspicuously did not answer when asked if he might consider a 2022 rematch against the Democratic Governor, who has already said he will seek a second term.

Elder, a 69-year-old author and lawyer, might have become the state’s first black governor. He spent part of his time during his speech saying that racial divisions in the United States are wildly overblown.

He mentioned the “bogus BLM movement,” restated his doubts over “systemic racism” and said, “We understand what the real issues are, and they are not about racism.”

Seeming to address his critics, Elder said, “All they want is for Black people to believe they are oppressed, that you are being attacked, that you are a victim. Really? After we elected our first black president?”

He pushed his supporters to be “gracious” but also spent some time slamming Newsom’s leadership and character and calling out the rising crime, the homeless crisis and out of control housing costs that are hurting many working-class families.

Elder sounded as if a campaign was just starting, and not ending.

“This is what we are facing: rising crime, lowering quality of our public schools,” he stated. “Brownouts, Water shortages. … I cannot think of something that this man has done that shows he deserves another term or even one more day in office.”

Author: Blake Ambrose