Leaked Audio Reveals What Biden Really Thinks About Christians

A Biden Justice Dept. attorney was captured on tape dismissing Americans who claim religious exemptions against the Covid-19 vaccine.

In a leaked call from Sept. reported by Human Events top editor Jack Posobiec, DOJ lawyer Marty Lederman can be heard working with the Biden White House on how to fight against religious exemption requests that people use to avoid the vaccine mandate.

According to Lederman, there are some “cases, for example in New York that is currently going on against the State, the Thomas More Society is representing some doctors who say they would sin gravely by going along with abortion. How would this be the case? The claim is that all three of these vaccines, have either fetal cells that come from abortions, or in the case of Moderna and Pfizer that those vaccines were tested with fetal cells that were aborted, and even the connection to the past testing, means they are being cooperative with evil and that is against their religion.”

“I don’t want to state anything too categorical but I think this claim will be very hard for agencies to successfully claim that is insincere, even if this is the case. Even if we know many of these claims are not sincere, or maybe sincere but not really religious, this is the most common type of behavior you will confront, and it is likely you will take as a given any employee’s claim.

Upon further digging, Posobiec ended that the Biden team doubts the sincerity of American Christians’ faith in saying they are against abortion to an extent that they don’t want to use aborted cells. In fact, it is not just that they don’t believe Americans are sincere, but to the extent that they are being truthful, the Biden Administration wants to find a way to breakthrough those faith-based beliefs.

The issue of Catholicism and abortion has been hotly contested after Biden entered office, since the Catholic president has said he is against abortion. The Washington Post even said that Catholics who were against abortion are “right wing.”

Author: Scott Dowdy