Leaked: Democrats In Terror Over Midterm “Wipeout” Possibility

Former New York City Mayor and 2020 pres. candidate Michael Bloomberg released an editorial for Bloomberg Opinion that sent a stern warning to his party:

“I still believe that a vibrant and healthy Democratic Party has remained essential to beating back the GOP’s dangerous turn that leads to authoritarianism and its tolerance for subversion in elections. But I am truly concerned that, without an immediate course correction, the Dem party is headed for disaster in Nov., up and down the ballot,” Bloomberg stated in an op-ed.

He also pointed to the recent choice to recall some school board members in San Francisco, CA as the most recent sign Dems are in trouble when the midterms arrive, who have already been under pressure from victory by Republican Glenn Youngkin’s in Virginia’s gubernatorial race and how republicans almost pulled off a huge upset in the Garden State this past fall.

Bloomberg, who was once a Republican that turned independent and now turned Dem again, and ardent anti-Trumper, stated the “earthquake that has shook San Francisco should shake up the Democrat party before voters do it themselves in Nov.”

Bloomberg sees the recall of the three school board members in San Francisco, CA as troubling for Dems.

“These school board members have failed to show any urgency in opening the schools back up even when it has been clear that reopening the schools was safe for everyone- and that virtual classes were continuing to put students further behind,” he stated.

The members, who took extra time to vote on giving schools new names while students remained unable to go to these schools in person, “seemed more worried with political correctness than they were about educating our children,” Bloomberg said, echoing San Francisco residents who had backed the recall.

Bloomberg also rebuked the current trend of revisionist history that is being peddled by Dems:

“But the advice that Democratic party leaders are giving its members of Congress — to ‘correct the record’ when Republicans have criticized them on culture and schools— isn’t going to work,”

Suggesting instead accountability and ‘honesty’, positing that Dem Eric Adams won the NYC mayoral election in part because he addressed some concerns about how education was managed by his predecessor.:

“Voters need to hear it from Democrats that our schools remained closed for far too long, and that improving the school systems means closing any achievement gaps, not getting rid of standards.”

For Dem lawmakers, the writing is all over the wall: announce early retirement or potentially be voted out of office in an embarrassing landslide loss come Nov. Retirements for House Dems jumped to a 30-year high this past week, as one political observer has explained, “it is bad out there for Dems.”

According to an oddsmaker PredictIt, things do not look so bright for the democratic party.

Bloomberg stated, “swing voters will decide the 2022 midterms, and right now, the polls are indicating they are swinging far away from Dems.”

Is there any hope at all for the party as Pres. Biden’s Real Clear Politics polling numbers have continued to fall and are now under what former President Trump’s was for the same time period in his first term?

Joe Biden’s favorable polling data is currently tracking below Donald Trump’s.

Bloomberg’s op-ed has suggested things are bad for Dems. It seems as people are getting tired of progressives and would like more of the red pill, as Mike Bloomberg cites Dem research that shows:

“Voters see the Dem party as being too ‘focused on all the culture wars'”

Meanwhile, during an interview with ABC, Nancy Pelosi said, “We have decided that we will win, and that is what we will do.”

What does she mean by “we decided to win”?

Author: Steven Sinclaire