Leaked Docs Are The Proof Trump Needs To Finally Drain The Swamp

Former chief of staff for the Dept. of Defense and prosecutor Kash Patel stated on Sunday that the first indictment from John Durham, the special prosecutor appointed by Trump, is laying out an explanation of corruption in connection to a conspiracy to give information to the FBI back in 2016.

During an interview on Fox News, the sheer size of the 27-page indictment given last month against cybersecurity attorney Michael Sussman showed its importance.

“The indictment on Michael Sussman for lying to authorities at the FBI is usually around 2-3 pages long at the maximum,” Patel said. “A 27-page indictment is reserved for big mob-like conspiracy cases or large scale cases of fraud that the Dept. of Justice brings.”

“What I believe Durham is doing is creating a large indictment so Americans can start to understand what corruption happened and who was really involved,” he said.

“What James Comey should have investigated was the collusion connection between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to give this data to the FBI, and do so fraudulently, and now it is coming out.”

“America’s finally beginning to see the truth about what happened behind this event,” he said.

The indictment on Sussmann says he lied back in 2016 when he said he was not working for any clients when he gave to the FBI information on possible discussions between Trump’s company and Alfa Bank, a Russian bank with supposed ties to Putin.

“The one thing that does not lie is bank records, and that’s what John Durham is founding his conspiracy investigation on since he cited eight other people not by name,” Patel stated.

“He is only in the second year of the most severe political scandal in United State history, so I think in the next six months, we will see indictments for people like Glenn Simpson, and even FBI agents like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok,” he stated. “I believe they are cooperating with him. I think you are going to see indictments start being put out on the people at the top, it is just going to take some more months.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire