Leaked Docs Prove Trump Supporter Was Murdered For ‘No Good Reason’

Internal Capitol Police filings were released by legal group Judicial Watch. The almost 500 pages of interviews with witnesses and authorities of the Ashli Babbitt killing show “no good reason for the shooting,” as reported by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

“These formerly secret records reveal there was no good cause to kill Ashli Babbitt,” Fitton stated. “The Biden-Garland Justice Dept. and the Congress must answer for the cover-up of this death of an American at the hands of the United States Capitol Police.”

The Capitol Police reports to the United States Congress and is not usually liable to FOIA requests. Judicial Watch got the documents via a lawsuit issued in May. The internal law enforcement reports are filled with redactions, and entire pages taken out of the public record.

Ashli Babbitt’s killer, Lt. Michael Byrd, is named throughout the filings.

While the officer protected from prosecution by the current Biden Dept. of Justice, which said it would not be pushing for a grand jury indictment, the testimony from witnesses reveals that Lt. Byrd was very shaken after firing his weapon at Babbitt.

The autopsy reveals Ashli Babbitt was killed from a homicide by being shot in her left anterior shoulder.

Lt. Byrd, who is said to be the House Chamber Commander, was given a Garrity warning, and chose to consult a lawyer before giving a statement.

An unnamed sergeant who saw the shooting said that he “didn’t see anything in the protester’s hands before the gunshot,” adding that Lt. Byrd looked “upset” and had said, “I was the officer who took the shot.”

The Sergeant also said he struggled to “figure out” what happened and why the shot was taken. “So I don’t know what happened to him that led to him taking the shot.”

A witness said that Lt. Byrd was “teary eyed, nervous, and seemed very upset.”

The witness was then behind Lt. Byrd when the shooting happened and goes over hearing what happened. He says he told protesters, and Babbitt, to “back up.”

The witness also said she seemed to be unarmed.

The Biden Department of Justice and the Pelosi Capitol Police have closed the legal case on the Ashli Babbitt killing. But when it comes to public opinion, there are still a lot more questions than answers about disturbing issues surrounding her death.

Author: Blake Ambrose