Leaked Documents Reveal Biden’s “Secret Project” Is Going Very Well

Leaked Border Patrol documents show the Biden White House has released out a huge amount of illegal immigrants into the country this year.

The documents this Wednesday, reveal over 160,000 illegal immigrants were let go since the month of March, often with no supervision or oversight at all. Specifically, around 94,000 illegals were released with “Notices to Report,” meaning they have to check in with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after they get to their destination. This group is protected against deportations as they await their immigration hearings.

In addition, since the month of August, almost 32,000 immigrants were given the status of parole and granted the right to apply for American work permits.

Despite the flood of immigrants the White House has let go into the United States, federal law states that parole authority should only be used in a case by case basis for “urgent humanitarian reasons” and “significant benefit to the public.”

“By law a parole shall only be given on a case by case basis and only for great humanitarian causes or significant benefit to the public. Neither of these seem to apply to this current situation,” added former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, saying he thinks the administration is using its parole authority to harm America.

And that is something that most Republicans, and even some Democrats, agree with. As Joe Biden and the far-left have worked to flood America with as many third-worlders as possible, it has become apparent to anyone with a brain that this is an agenda and not a “crisis.”

Republicans commonly say this is due to voting and the Democrats’ desire to win elections. What they don’t realize is that this same dynamic is playing out in Europe, Canada and Australia and conservative parties seem to be allowing it.

The liberal extremist who have taken hold of our country and others don’t hide the fact that they are anti-white. Their primary goal, even according to themselves, is the removal of “racism.” A word that they never use correctly and only seem to attach to white people who have any opinion about mass immigration.

Author: Steven Sinclaire