Leaked Emails Reveal Biden’s ‘Backdoor’ Strategy

Newly reported emails seem to show how Democratic attorneys are conspiring with liberal climate extremists to enact the Green New Deal through a backdoor process.

Emails presented by Chris Horner at Energy Policy Advocates and published by mainstream sources show that in 2019 Democratic officials spoke with a Biden administration official on how to control CO2 through the use of a “backdoor” without Washington’s approval.

Former Obama EPA official Joe Goffman is leading Biden’s greenhouse regulations at the Office of Air and Radiation.

Back in 2019, while Goffman worked at Harvard Law School, Democratic state attorneys general got in touch with him for help with a new plan to control CO2. He sent them to “former EPA officials” who then created a plan that could eventually let the EPA force states to “outlaw gas stations and combustion engines to reach higher ozone standards.”

The former EPA officials informed the AGs that controlling CO2 as a pollutant would not work. But they proposed an alternative solution: going for ozone NAAQS as what one person called a”backdoor.”

Fossil fuel industrial and combustion emissions contribute to ozone. So the EPA could force states to reduce CO2 emissions by creating more strict ozone rules. States would then have to outlaw gas stations and combustion engines to adhere to those standards.

Now, with Goffman installed at the EPA, Biden is poised to overhaul regulations on emissions that contribute to the ozone, including CO2, bypassing Washington to implement this extremist climate agenda.

One successful lawsuit to change current EPA regulations would give Biden the power to enact new rules that would be de facto CO2 regulations.

Under Biden, the Green New Deal marches on with seemingly no opposition.

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