Leaked Footage Places Democrat Elites At The Center Of Jan 6

Most of the folks in D.C. on January 6th were peaceful protesters. Despite this, the FBI is still trying to intimidate almost everyone into submission. And we now have the proof for this.

In “Capitol Punishment,” the blockbuster documentary created by Chris Burgard and conservative Nick Searcy, the FBI’s authoritarian tactics are exposed. If you want to see the true story of January 6 not being told by the media establishment, get your copy on Thanksgiving Day.

Tony Martinez, 47, was one conservative protester who told his story within the documentary. He said he never went inside the Capitol, but that didn’t stop the FBI from coming to his home.

In the movie, Martinez said the moment the FBI broke his back door and rushed into his home. Martinez said he and his daughter were handcuffed, and the FBI was not able to give a warrant when his wife asked for it.

Even amid this chaos, Martinez said he was not surprised.

“There was also a sense of, like, of course this is happening,” Martinez said to reporters about his feelings about the event. “Of course this is what you are doing. You are kicking in my door. Of course you are putting my family in handcuffs.”

So how did Martinez get to the place where he expected to be mistreated by the government? “Capitol Punishment” answers these questions, and you can watch the film right now when it premieres this Thanksgiving Day.

Joey Gilbert, a lawyer turned GOP gubernatorial candidate in the state of Nevada, was at the Capitol on January 6th. He said in the video that the government’s actions on that day and especially afterward were part of a purposeful plan.

“It was very coordinated in order to defeat Americans emotionally and psychologically,” he said.

That would explain the stories of people such as Martinez and Dr. Simone Gold, who was at the Capitol. Gold leads the usually criticized group America’s Frontline Doctors, which had relevant concerns related to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Gold said she went inside the Capitol, but it was through a door that was opened with many other people and was not violent. So she was very surprised when the FBI later came to her house.

Martinez and Gold are just two of many Americans being unfairly targeted from January 6 revenge operations. You can see more of their stories by accessing “Capitol Punishment” when it is released this Thanksgiving Day.

Author: Steven Sinclaire