Leaked Phone Call Reveals Democrats’ Next Big Power Move

Senator Joe Manchin is one of two Democrats, the other being Kyrsten Sinema, to continually report that they are not willing to abolishing the filibuster. The filibuster has blocked the path of Democrats wanting to pass all types of insane bills. Previously, I said that Sinema was more steadfast than Manchin about her position. Well, that might have been a great statement on my part.

A leaked call between Manchin and an advocacy group shows the behind the scenes work being attempted by the senator. Not just is Manchin saying he is open to ending the filibuster, but he is also targeting certain Republicans to attempt to push the so-called January 6th commission through.

The meeting was put on by a group called No Labels, a big money organization co-founded by former Senator Lieberman that gives money to right-leaning Democrats and moderate Republicans.

Among the meetings revelations: Manchin said he was open to filibuster reforms, which goes against his most recent take that he will stop Democrats’ hopes for pushing through their agenda.

The phone call featured several billionaires and executives. Also there was a who’s who of political influencers, including GOP consultant Ron Christie and former Senator Lieberman, who was the representative of the group.

Joe Manchin admitting he is a liar to a call filled with billionaires is pretty spot on. I don’t know why West Virginians keep believing this guy is not the typical Democrat that he is. But he is not even a Democrat that has principles, even far-left principles. Instead, he is a throwback to the “blue-dog” wing, pretending to be a harmless moderate while seeming to always find a way to go against his voters.

Regardless, the implications of this are huge. If Manchin is now moving to destroy the filibuster unless he gets conservative support for Democrat agendas, that puts Republicans in a terrible position, leaving Sinema as our only defense. And while I usually like Sinema, she is just a Democrat. Manchin’s stance seems to be “let me remove your head or I’ll remove your head.” That’s terrible for Republicans that were relying on him to protect the line. And it’s also terrible for him since he was elected in the most conservative state in the nation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire