Leaked Pics Are a Publicity Nightmare For Pelosi — And Democrats

House Speaker Pelosi has gotten herself into another situation with unsavory optics yet again on Sunday. The California Dem was schmoozing with big-money donors, all of which were not using masks, at a Napa Valley fundraiser while many Americans are still trapped inside Afghanistan. Senate Majority Leader Schumer was also slammed for dancing this weekend.

NY Times journalist Kenneth Vogel published an invitation for the Sunday event, which reveals that tickets started at $100 and were as high as $29,000. The money brought in went to vulnerable frontline Dems who were in danger of losing during the 2022 midterms.

Vogel published a video from the fundraiser, which exposed there was no social distancing and no mask-wearing for guests, but was not the case for the wait staff.

The event was held in California’s Napa County, where coronavirus cases are higher by 71% from the past week. The CDC says that Napa County has a “high level of transmission.” The event was outdoors and masks are not said to be required outdoors, but the CDC says that people should “consider using a mask in crowded outdoor settings” in places with high numbers of covid cases.

Social media mocked Pelosi for her maskless event.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “Pelosi wants to lock us down again while she dines with her donors. It’s complete hypocrisy.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.): “Democrats don’t care about coronavirus. They only care about control. Magical covid science: The virus does not spread the minute you eat or start speaking into a microphone or if you are among the elites. Liars.”

This is the most recent case of Pelosi getting caught in a damaging situation. Last month, she was seen not using a mask at the U.S. Capitol building one day after the Capitol Police said that masks must be worn “at all times.” And last Sept, Pelosi broke San Francisco’s health rules when she was caught on video in a California salon not wearing a mask.

Schumer also has gotten backlash for his questionable actions this weekend. During the “We Love NYC Concert,” Schumer was seen on video dancing with comedian Stephen Colbert, who was maskless.

Author: Scott Dowdy