Leaked Video Exposes The Truth About Jan. 6th “Riots”

A video has come to light recently that reveals Capitol Police officers conversing and talking to a number of protesters who entered the building on Jan. 6th.

Numerous videos have come out since the event took place. Some show officers allowing protesters to enter, while others show people breaking windows and doors. It’s not certain how people entered the building.

This latest video to come out shows an officer talking with protesters after they were inside the building. He asks them to not do anything violent.

Officer Keith Robishaw was identified as the officer in the footage. He warns the protesters: “We are not against… you need to show us… no attacking, remain calm.”

Warning: Audio is loud.

The protestors would later enter the Senate Chambers followed by one officer. With one leading the protesters in prayer and then sitting in Mike Pence’s chair.

The new video was given to the American Greatness news site. It is allegedly a part of a much longer footage that has yet to be released.

There were a number of videos from Jan. 6 showing protesters entering the building:

And there are still people demanding answers about the killing of Ashli Babbitt by an officer. The officer was not charged or identified after the murder.

The House Homeland Security Committee said last week it had come to an agreement to form a bipartisan 9/11-like commission to investigate the Jan. 6 protest.

Author: Blake Ambrose