Leftists’ Climate Change Narrative Gets Nuked — By Their Own Guy

One of the nation’s top physicists, who was the Undersecretary at the Department of Energy in the Obama administration, is now publishing a book that confronts climate extremism and debunks the statement that the science is “settled” on the topic.

“Physicist Steven Koonin kicks it out of the park in “Unsettled.” In his book’s opening sentences he argues that ‘the Science’ about climate is not “settled.” Although Koonin says it might be settled in the minds of many politicians and pundits., the Wall Street Journal says about Koonin’s book. “He starts with a warning for readers who could be shocked by the book’s climate contradictions. ‘Heat waves in this country are just as common as they were in 1900’ and ‘the hottest temperatures have not increased in fifty years… Greenland’s ice sheet is not getting smaller at a faster rate compared to eighty years ago… The net impact of humans on climate will be minimal through the next eighty years.'”

The book comes as Biden tries to sell the $2.5 trillion “infrastructure” package to the nation, saying that the “climate crisis” is real and that a huge government spending program is needed to fix it.

“When Biden was elected — climate was one of his most critical agendas., Climate Czar John Kerry said to reporters this week after holding a virtual summit on the topic. “This is a climate crisis, and it is going to take an enormous effort to get where we need to be.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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