Leftists Give U.S. Troops An Extremely Unwelcome ‘Reward’ For Their Service

The percentage of Americans who will be vaccinated against covid-19 is going much higher, although under very dictator-like circumstances. Pentagon officials are now reporting that they will force members of the U.S. military to take the vaccine against their desires.

All troops within every service branch are being given until Sept. 15 to get their vaccination.

Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin released a memo with these details and orders for America’s troops.

“I will get the president’s approval for mandatory vaccines no later than mid-Sept., or immediately upon FDA approval whichever happens first.”

”I will not hesitate to take action sooner or recommend an alternate course to President Biden if l feel the need to. To defend this Country, we must have a healthy force.”

If Austin is wanting the support of Biden, he seems to support the general’s dictatorial move. Here’s what he said after Austin’s announcement.

“I strongly back Secretary Austin’s message today on the Dept. of Defense’s plan to add the coronavirus vaccine to the list of mandated vaccinations for our military members no later than mid-Sept. Secretary Austin and I have an unshakable drive to ensure our troops have everything they need to do their jobs as well as possible.”

Here is what the numbers are before the decree. 74% of Navy troops having gotten one dose already. The numbers decline from there, with 65% of Air Force and 50% of Army being vaccinated.

Military troops who have not gotten the vaccine have been forced to go through tougher protocols, like wearing masks and social distancing.

This comes at a time when America’s southern border is open to a flood of illegals. Biden has allowed these illegals through the border and spread them throughout the country via buses and even 747 commercial flights. Many of these illegals were found to be covid-19 positive and many more showed the signs of being infected.

As Biden’s Administration forces new mandates on the American people, more are questioning his motives given the disconnect between his open border and coronavirus policies. He has not, as of yet, answered questions on this contradiction.

Author: Scott Dowdy