Liberal Colleges Try To Change Math Because It’s ‘Racist’

Hundreds of the nation’s top scientists have released a public letter in which they show “alarm” at the likely terrible consequences of woke K-12 math curriculum like the “Equitable Math” framework pushed by California.

To date, almost 600 of the country’s top scientists have signed the public letter that voices “deep worries” about California’s new “equitable math” framework, one that supports the idea that working to figure out the right answer is an example of white supremacy and racism invading the classroom.

The scientists said:

“We are very worried about the unintended results of recent approaches to change mathematics training, especially the California Mathematics Framework. Which seek to lower achievement gaps by limiting advanced math courses available to middle and high schoolers. While these reforms superficially seem “successful” at lowering disparities at the high school level, they are “kicking the can” down to colleges.”

“Such reforms would disadvantage our students compared to their international peers,” the scientists say. “It might lead to a de facto privatization of mathematics education and disproportionately hurt students with less resources.”

The scientists who joined the open letter, many being STEM professionals and math teachers, assert they “wholeheartedly” are against another “very worrisome trend” of “devaluing vital mathematical tools like algebra and calculus in favor of seemingly better modern ‘data science.’”

“The ability to analyze large amounts of data is indeed transforming to society,” they say, adding:

“But data science – statistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence- rests on a foundation of calculus, algebra, and logical thinking. While these math fields are centuries in age, they are arguably even more crucial for today’s top challenges than they were during the Sputnik era.”

“Lowering access to advanced math and elevating trendy courses over fundamental skills would lead to STEM education in the nation and lower access to the skills needed for more social mobility,” they observe, saying that “subjecting the kids in our largest state to this kind of an experiment is the definition of irresponsibility.”

We would agree. But what the scientists fail to realize is that the goal with these sorts of programs is not equality by helping non-white kids. It is equality by depressing kids who are smart, of any race.

Author: Steven Sinclaire