Liberal Have A Collective Mental Meltdown (This Is Hilarious)

Is it likely that Joe Biden and the Democrats’ poll numbers will continue to deteriorate leading up to the midterm elections?

It’s been in the basement for so long that it’s hard to imagine things could get any worse. But “Don’t underestimate Joe’s capacity to f**k things up,” according to Barack Obama.  He got 33 percent approval in the latest Quinnipiac survey, his lowest rating yet. Harry Enten of CNN pointed out that three of the four polls from the last seven days were at their lowest levels for Biden, and that the average was at 41 percent. That’s the worst figure yet in someone’s first term in office.

It does, however, get much worse, as Chuck Todd and his panel made clear on this week’s episode of “Meet the Press.”

According to polling, young people and Hispanic voters — two groups that are crucial for the Democrats to retain in order to have a chance of winning in the midterms — are rapidly deserting Biden and the Democrats. This spells major trouble for the Democrats in November.

From Newsbusters:

Throughout the clip, Todd was aware of this. “I’d want to single out one demographic group in particular: people under 35 years old, who have never experienced inflation in their lives,” Todd noted.

“Look at these figures,” Todd sighed dejectedly, before providing a rundown of the topline results: “It’s currently 82% of the public that thinks the economy is only fair or terrible. Adults under thirty-five years old, it’s 87%.”

“In trying to contextualize how these figures have gotten this bad,” Todd correctly observed, “voters under the age of 35 are used to a world in which there is always a new gadget out? Well, in six months, it will be less expensive rather than cost more. This is a whole new ballgame.”

Todd, on the other hand, seems to have a point. Some of the Democrats appear to think that it’s about messaging or that they’re not providing enough free stuff. However, as is the case with everyone else, youth are suffering from rising prices. They may have believed Biden would provide something more; however, he has made everything much worse.

According to a new Gallup poll, Generation Z people (those born between 1997 and 2004) decreased their approval of Joe Biden from 60% in June 2021 to 39% in March 2022. Millennials (born 1981-96) went from 60% to 41%. The other generations remained relatively unchanged.

To add to that, there are Hispanic and other voters. Todd identifies the issue through the lens of what’s going on in Nevada: “Hispanic voters are beginning to peel away a little bit as well as the working-class and non-college-educated whites. This is a bigger problem in Nevada which may be the most acute.”

Author: Scott Dowdy