Liberal Heads Explode After Kyle Rittenhouse Announces His Washington Debut

If Kyle Rittenhouse gets acquitted, he might have a new career waiting for him.

Congressman Matt Gaetz stated that Rittenhouse “deserves” a not guilty verdict and that he will be offered an internship in his office if he is ruled not guilty.

“Kyle Rittenhouse would make a great congressional intern,” Gaetz said to Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield this week. “We might reach out to see if he would be interested in helping the nation in additional ways.”

Gaetz also spoke up for the “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who was given a whopping 41 months in prison for his part in the January 6th Capitol riot.

“The notion that he was put inside prison for three and a half years to get some sort of political revenge goes against justice,” Gaetz said. “The American people need a DOJ that is the least political group in Washington, and instead what we have got is a DOJ that is the most political group in DC.”

Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old, currently faces five charges from homicide down to recklessly endangering safety that together might put him behind bars for his entire life. The judge dismissed the misdemeanor gun possession this past.

The jury has been having deliberations since Tuesday.

The ruling is a source of controversy across the country, with many, like Joe Rogan, slamming the news coverage as a “liberal cult.” Several news figures, including MSNBC host Joy Reid, have said that Rittenhouse was being disingenuous in his emotional testimony, saying that America has a “thing” for “white tears,” which lets men like Rittenhouse and Justice Brett Kavanaugh to escape accountability.

When asked for Biden’s response to the Rittenhouse case, White House media secretary Jen Psaki said the president’s opinion is that “we should not have, broadly speaking, vigilantes watching our communities with assault weapons.”

This comes at a time when Democrats are also pushing for ever increasing gun control. An agenda that they are coming up short on, thanks in part due to their police defunding agenda which causes concerned citizens like Rittenhouse to be forced into action.

Author: Scott Dowdy