Liberal Media Desperately Tries To Escape Their COVID Lies

Republican Senator Tom Cotton, Ark., said on Monday that as the mainstream media changes away from its earlier stance on the coronavirus being leaked from a Wuhan lab to openly talking about the possibility, he has a “feeling of relief” that its real origins might be found.

“The only feeling I have is one of relief that we will finally try to find the origins of this virus and I believe the evidence leads us to those Wuhan labs, and if we discover that is the source of covid, China should pay,” he said.

Cotton responded to the fast change in the media’s news coverage of the covid pandemic, after months of discounting the idea that the virus could be the result of a lab escape or accident at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Biden White House is now doing an assessment of its source.

“I was among the first people to say then, and President Trump said it too, and let us just say most media folks do no care for our politics, so if we are saying it, they immediately discount it,” Cotton said.

“I do not believe China will reveal what really happened in those labs and they will keep trying to cover it up – and if that is the case it is reasonable to believe that China is covering up an accident,” he continued.

Senator Cotton also revealed reports from servicemembers about anti-white and Marxist training they are forced to go through.

“Well Congressman Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, and I have heard from many troops who are very concerned about the type of racist training they are getting, and training that says white people are inherently oppressive,” he said.

Military troops are being forced to undergo training regimens that indoctrinate them to believe that “certain races are inherently privileged and others are victimized,” Senator Cotton said, saying that such a training is “hostile” to what American soldiers are supposed to fight for.

Cotton, who is also on the Senate Armed Services Committee, also said that servicemembers should be trained to fight for America’s ideals and its way of life, not a far-left political ideology that goes counter to such values.

“Especially on Memorial Day,” he said. “when we are expressing our gratitude for those service members who made the supreme sacrifice over the past 250 years while defending this nation.”

“We want to ensure we are guiding our warriors to love this nation, that this nation is a noble start and they should join with their brothers to fight for it, irrespective of background.”

Author: Scott Dowdy