Liberal Media Giant Claims Voting Is a Risk To Democracy

A CNN host is now worried that allowing Americans to vote threatens democracy, and went after the GOP for suggesting this idea.

Filling in this week for the just fired Chris Cuomo on the quickly renamed “CNN Prime Time,” guest host Michael Smerconish twice said that Trump voters in his own home state have started a conspiracy to reverse elections by electing a statewide officeholder instead of one appointed by the governor.

And despite his worries about Republicans running for secretary of state, which manages election laws in every state, CNN never spoke about the most concerted effort to takeover this office: George Soros’ “Sec. of State Project.”

Michael Smerconish brought the topic up during his now-abbreviated handoff to Don Lemon after Lemon said he wondered about the integrity of those who support election integrity. “I am not sure if this really matters if they want to think voter fraud happened in 2020 or they really do believe it,” he said.

“Well, they are now taking action on it,” responded Smerconish. Stating that a large percentage of GOP constituents have doubts about the controversial 2020 election “gives them power to go into a state such as Pennsylvania and order, ‘You know that sec. of state position? Let’s make this an election role, instead of one that’s appointed.’”

Smerconish would not explain how more elections would harm the democratic process. He had raised the idea earlier in his show with David Leonhardt from The NY Times. Leonhardt warned about Republicans trying to find ways “to make it easier to overturn any election result after it happens.”

“In one example, in my home state, Pennsylvania, there was a move to make the Sec. of State, an elected official,” said Smerconish. “That is what you’re talking about?”

“Yes,“ said Leonhardt, although he quickly walked his comment back, noting “the mere fact of making the Sec. of State an elected role is not threatening to democracy by itself. There are many areas where it’s an elected position.”

It seems that some Democrats understand this, but far-left Smerconish and CNN host, does not get it. To him, anything Republicans do is wrong.

Author: Blake Ambrose