Liberal Media Now Openly Questioning Biden’s Sanity

Pres. Biden has been playing catch up, now that Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin’s recent invasion is going on in Ukraine. We failed to have any sanctions up until now that could have helped, such as putting a stop to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline or ending access to SWIFT financial system — which could have hit him where it hurts. Plus the United States should have given lethal aid to Ukraine, which could have been a sign to Putin that they would be looking at a more severe response. But the White House did not do anything.

Now, Pres. Joe Biden will say he will impose tougher sanctions. But it is too late for that; the invasion has already started.

Biden tweeted this 2 years ago.

Joe Biden said Putin did not want him to win because then he would not be able to threaten his neighbors anymore.

So, did that work out? As Joe Biden has been for the past forty years, in the words of Robert Gates who was Obama’s Defense Secretary, Pres. Biden is wrong again about the foreign policy.

MSNBC has been working as the propaganda arm of the Dem. Party. But, even Andrea Mitchell, a longtime host, is now saying how Joe Biden was “defensive” about his ability in foreign policy.

Mitchell also talked about a list that the Russians supposedly had of Ukrainians allegedly “to be put into camps or killed” after the military arrived. Her guest criticized and said the sanctions might not be the action to such a thing from Pres. Biden.

“If the things that are in this letter take place, the reaction from the United States will be sanctions? Is that plausible that that would be the U.S. response to atrocities, war crimes, human rights abuses of the kind outlined in this letter?” he asked.

Mitchell answered, “I do not know how to answer that, because you are right.”

Joe Biden is “defensive” and not only on foreign policy since he knows that he is not very capable. He also knows how often he has been wrong. That is why he is always trying to pump himself up by making up stories, wanting to make himself sound more accomplished or greater than he is. And that is why, when he is asked questions, he often strikes out and blows up at whoever challenges him, even the voters. He knows he is deficient and he always tries to hide it. But, that only makes him seem more desperate, like how he handled Afghanistan.

But when even MSNBC is bringing up these questions, you know that it is getting worse.

Author: Steven Sinclaire