Liberal Media Rips Itself Apart With One Huge Lawsuit

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo is now planning on taking on his former network by issuing a huge lawsuit for tens of millions of dollars that he thinks is still owed to him within his contract and to “possibly” get damages from his firing.

“Cuomo, 51, has hired attorneys and is preparing a lawsuit over the rest of his four-year contract he signed last year — after a back-and-forth about what CNN knew of his secret efforts to help his embattled brother, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo,” the NY Post said. “His contract was worth $6 million annually, leaving $18 million that he says he is owed, sources stated, adding that Cuomo would also likely want damages.”

A CNN insider said that the liberal network has “no intention of giving Cuomo a penny” because “if he gets the settlement, there would be an uproar.”

“CNN has a morality clause in their contracts that says if the worker does anything immoral, they could be immediately fired,” another CNN official told the Post.

CNN fired Cuomo this past weekend, saying in a comment that it had found new information that led to this decision.

“This is not how I want things to end but I have already said how and why I helped my brother,” Chris Cuomo replied. “So as disappointing as this is, I am very proud of the team at Cuomo Prime Time and the successes we had as CNN’s #1 show at its most competitive time slot. I owe everyone and will miss them all.”

CNN was criticized recently for its comment because it did not reveal what the “new information” was that it said had come to light during their investigation.

Debra S. Katz, a liberal attorney, said in a comment recently that she was representing a client who says that Chris Cuomo was guilty of “serious sexual misconduct” against her at another news network.

Katz said she notified CNN about the allegations this Wednesday and that the accusations are ultimately what caused Chris Cuomo to be fired from CNN.

In a comment, Katz said:

“My client has come forward because she wanted to share her story and related documents, so she could help other women. She will keep cooperating with CNN’s investigation. Given the nature of these allegations, she wants to stay anonymous, and we ask you to respect this decision.”

Author: Scott Dowdy