Liberal Media Turns On Joe Biden In Brutal Fashion

With Thursday marking President Joe Biden’s first full year in the oval office, it is worth looking back at what he pledged to do that January 20th, 2021. The major theme of his inauguration was “unity” and Joe Biden promised to “restore,” and “repair” what divisions there were in the nation, insisting America is “a great country and we are a good people.”

But the president has “failed” to fulfill on this promise—a point even liberal MSNBC has now admitted to.

“We can treat each other with better respect,” Joe Biden says in a clip from his January 20 speech. “We can join forces, stop the shouting, and decrease the temperature.”

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd did not sugarcoat how successful Joe Biden’s been at doing this, however.

“President Joe Biden has failed so far to do this,” he said as the show moved to a clip of Biden from his recent voting rights speech in the state of Georgia.

“Do you want to be with Dr. [Martin Luther] King or with George Wallace?” Biden asked in his speech. “Do you want to be with John Lewis or with Bull Connor?”

Joe Biden’s speech was criticized by people on the left and right, with sharp rebukes from Republican Senators Mitt Romney (UT) and Mitch McConnell (KY), while Democrat Senator Dick Durbin (IL) acknowledged “maybe the president went too far in this rhetoric.”

White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki was unfazed by this criticism.

“I know there were some claims about the offensive nature of this speech, which is funny given how many people sat silently for the past four years for the former president,” she stated.

What “is even more offensive is the effort to suppress the basic rights of people to exercise who they want to support and elect,” Psaki said.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval ratings are rapidly declining and there is no end in sight. The idea that even the far-left MSNBC would go against the president is striking and is more proof that Joe Biden is far-far-left.

Author: Blake Ambrose