Liberal Professor Demands Trump Be Assassinated


A hate-filled professor from Penn State University has stated that he believes Pres. Trump should have been assassinated by an assassin’s bullet, just as slain former Pres. Abraham Lincoln was.

According to associate communications professor at the Penn State Greater Allegheny campus, Zack Furness, Trump “should’ve been Lincoln’d” five mins after he arrived in Puerto Rico for disaster relief following a hurricane and tossed some papers in a bin just like they were a basketball.

Furness is an unabashed marxist who tries to indoctrinate kids into his far-left extremist ideology that has resulted in many deaths in the 20th Century alone.

“As a researcher and instructor, I draw on a network of influences that include cultural and communication studies, feminist and Marxist thought, cultural geography, anarchism, environmentalism, philosophy and history of technology, critical pedagogy and punk rock,” he stated in his Penn State CV.

“On Feb. 14, 2022, the ‘Senate faculty’ at The University of Texas had passed a resolution claiming the principle of ‘academic freedom,’ which defends the teaching of critical race theory—anti-white hatred—in higher education. CRT is based on the notion that America is inherently racist and that institutions such as the Constitution, capitalism and property rights are remnants from a racist society, and must be abolished in the name of anti-racism. It’s employed to browbeat whites into feeling ashamed for the perceived crimes of their forefathers.

The African American Policy Forum, a left-leaning organization dedicated to social justice and issues surrounding gender and race, applied pressure on the UT faculty to pass this statement.

However, Texas Scorecard’s Adam Cahn claimed that finance professor Richard Lowery was the only individual who opposed the resolution.

When considering the university’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” guidelines, he called the resolution “stunningly hypocritical.”

“You’re complaining about a possible ban now, when you implemented a political test that required adherence to critical race theory in order to be considered for hire or advancement.” “You can’t demand something and then complain about someone else attempting to reverse your decision.”

“The distinction between “inclusive” and “diverse” is a fine one, but the way Texas State University interprets it is an egregious violation of academic freedom,” Lowery added. In addition, Lowery referenced recent assaults on conservative student organizations such as the Young Conservatives of Texas in 2018.”

These campus indoctrinators are even more dangerous to the stability of the United States than any foreign terrorist might ever hope to be. Swift examples should be made of this human vermin, or the human civilization is doomed.


Author: Scott Dowdy