Liberals Erupt In Anger After Trump Gets The Best Of ‘Em

The prosecution’s top two attorneys quit in protest after it was reported that the criminal case against Donald Trump in Manhattan was in jeopardy. Because current District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a far-left Dem, refused to enter the courtroom with a losing case.

Later, The New York Times exposed just how far they would go in their crusade for political retribution, revealing that not charging Trump even with not enough evidence, would put them on “the wrong side of history,” while also claiming it was a “good cause that should be taken up.” Given the immense power that prosecutors have, it’s frightening to consider the individuals who work in district attorney offices all across the country. They may ruin your life over a small issue and never give it another thought. Despite promising to eliminate Trump during his campaign, Bragg acknowledged that things had gotten out of hand.

The grand jury in the case was still sitting, and a few weeks after the resignations, fresh rumors from the DA’s office gave supporters renewed optimism. That enthusiasm has now vanished, however, with the grand jury disbanding without any charges or indication that it will be revived.

“People close to the issue said that a six-month grand jury which was convened late last year to look into Donald Trump’s alleged crimes was set to expire this week, bringing an end to a lengthy criminal inquiry that looks to be fading away without any indictments against the former president. “

Bragg tried to placate his critics by noting that other grand juries investigating other matters may conceivably be convened to charge Trump, but it makes no sense at this stage. If his office had the goods, they would have utilized the grand jury empaneled in order to address the particular case against the former president. In a nutshell, this is done and anyone who thinks otherwise should seek help fast.

Of course, there are further long-shot efforts to incarcerate Trump in places like Georgia, where a local inquiry is attempting to show that he attempted to force Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to fabricate fraudulent votes after the 2020 election. Anyone who has heard the recording knows that this allegation is ludicrous.

However, the witch hunt in New York is now over. I’m confident the walls are drawing closer still. You can only chuckle at this point.

Author: Scott Dowdy