Liberals Force Shocking Anti-white Propaganda Onto Children

A new children’s book is being handed out in NY City schools that blames racism and the notion of race on white people.

The book “Our Skin,” written by an activist named Megan Madison and Brooklyn librarian Jessica Ralli, instructs children that the notion of race was instigated by white people who declared they were “better, smarter, nicer, and that they should have more than everybody else,” according to The New York Post.

The book started with a discussion of skin tones, followed by an image of human skulls enclosed in glass on shelves beside an elaborate argument that white people are to blame for the invention of race.

“A long time ago, a group of white individuals created the notion of race. They categorized people by skin color and proclaimed that whites were superior, smarter, more attractive, and deserving of more than others.”

“That isn’t true or fair at all,” the book continues. “Here’s an example of a Caucasian man showing the most beautiful skull.”

The book is meant to be read by children aged two to five. It has been sent to at least one kindergarten class on Staten Island, one primary school in the area, and it seems to be part of NY City’s Dept of Education’s new “Universal Mosaic Curriculum.”

The “Universal Mosaic Curriculum” was introduced under Bill de Blasio as a way to supposedly standardize teaching materials and “better reflect” the city’s demographics. The curriculum is scheduled to start in 2023.

The book is on a list of suggested readings that parents may access online, and it’s included in the DOE’s Library Services’ “Universal Mosaic Independent Reading Collections” for first graders.

Vito LaBella, a parental leader in Brooklyn, said the book was “inflammatory.”

He said the following, “People are sorted by their skin tone on that page alone in my mind is preaching anti-white hatred.”

The principal of one school in Brooklyn, where Mr. LaBella serves on the Community Education Council, got copies of the book called “Our Skin.” The principal was informed by another school leader that the textbooks would be delivered to kindergarten classrooms soon.

Author: Blake Ambrose