Liberals Give a Pathetic Excuse For Leftist Attacks

A terrible accident at the Stonewall Pride Parade in Florida has been transformed into a political weapon by liberals and their media allies.

One man died while another was seriously injured when a driver accelerated and hit them. Within moments after the tragedy and before any information was released, Democrats started treating it as if it was a deliberate terrorist attack against LGBT people.

Democrat Mayor Dean Trantalis was at the parade and reported that the vehicle just missed Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “by only inches” and called the incident a “terrorist attack.”

“This was a terrorist attack against LGBT people., Trantalis said. “This was hardly an accident. It was targeted against a certain person. Luckily they missed this person, but they unfortunately hit two other people.”

Trantalis made this statement with no evidence to show his claims were at all true. Perhaps he was thinking of the fleeting conspiracy theory that Russian hackers were able to take control of the truck?

Wasserman Schultz was supposedly in a convertible preparing to appear in the parade. It is not certain exactly how far away from the accident she was.

Trantalis’ assertions were echoed through social media and in other reports, with many saying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was to blame for the accident. Those people put the blame on his bill that gives legal protections to drivers who run into rioters when they feel their life is threatened.

This was not a “terrorist attack,” but actually a tragic accident. The man driving the vehicle was in fact a part of the gay pride group putting on the parade. This person, who is still unnamed, also reportedly told police his foot got stuck on the accelerator.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz put out a comment that did not mention the incident as a terrorist attack.

“I am deeply devastated that some died and others seriously injured at the Stonewall Pride Parade., Wasserman Schultz said.

“My staff and I are safe. I wish to thank the first responders for their efforts as both police and emergency personnel went into action very quickly., she added. “We are praying for those hurt and their loved ones as police investigates and I am giving them whatever assistance they need. We are so heartbroken by what happened at this celebration.”

Author: Blake Ambrose