Liberals Lose It After Republicans Give Money To Biden’s Vaccine Victims

At least five states so far have passed legislation that increases unemployment insurance for workers who lost their jobs for being unvaccinated, and a few more states are considering the same protections.

Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Tennessee, and Kansas have extended unemployment benefits for workers that are fired for not getting the jab. Lawmakers in Wyoming, Missouri, and Wisconsin are considering similar employee protections in a Republican-led effort to fight back against Pres. Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates, which cover millions of private employees and federal contractors.

Of the states that have increased unemployment insurance for unvaccinated employees, only Kansas is run by a split government with a Dem governor and GOP-controlled legislature. The other states are fully controlled by the GOP at the state level.

Biden’s vaccine mandates have sparked intense and widespread pushback from private businesses and elected officials.

Despite Pres. Biden’s push for a federal solution for the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the president said this week during a call with state governors that “there isn’t any federal solution. This can only get solved at the state level.”

Four of the states —Tennessee, Florida, Iowa, and Arkansas, – cut federal emergency unemployment benefits in June because of concerns that increased unemployment insurance was incentivizing employees to stay home and out of the job market despite the lowered risk of severe COVID-19 after the widespread availability of Covid vaccines. Those states are now increasing unemployment benefits again over Pres. Biden’s orders that would take away unvaccinated Americans jobs.

The Biden administration’s orders are created to coerce Americans to want to get vaccinated. Earlier in the month, President Biden resorted to apocalyptic warnings to push Americans to get vaccinated.

President Joe Biden said the unvaccinated Americans will be the ones responsible for ushering in a “winter of death and severe illness” and will soon “overwhelm” the hospitals.

“I want to send out a direct message to all Americans: Because of the steps we have taken, Omicron hasn’t yet spread as quickly as it would have otherwise done,” Pres. Biden told reporters following a COVID briefing at the White House.

“But it is here now, and it is spreading and it’s going to go up,” the president said.

“We are looking at having a winter of death and severe illness for the unvaccinated, for their families, themselves, and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm. But there is still good news: If you’re vaccinated and you have your booster shot, then you are protected from death and severe illness,” Biden claimed.

Biden also said that a vaccinated America will contribute to safeguarding the nation’s economic recovery.

“We are going to protect our economic recovery if we successfully do this. We’re going to keep businesses and schools open if we do this. And I would like to see everyone around enjoy that. I want to see them enjoy the fact that they are able to be in school, that businesses are open again and the holidays are coming,” Biden said.

Author: Scott Dowdy