Liberals Threaten Parents With Felony Charges For Their Kids’ Classroom Behavior

A liberal Va. assistant principal has informed parents that it is now a felony to drop their kids off without a mask at school.

She can be heard in the leaked audio call to parents saying that dropping kids off without a mask is a trespass offense, which is a Class I felony that is punishable with a one year jail sentence along with a $2,500 fine.

“Until you get here, your children will be kept in an in-school restriction place here at school…It is crucial that I inform you they cannot be on campus or on school property. Beginning tomorrow, it will be seen as trespassing so it is crucial that I make this comment to you,” the bureaucrat said to parents.

She added that children would be suspended as long as they refused to use a mask.

Students are already getting punished harshly in the liberal Loudon County for not going along with anti-scientific and senseless mask rules that are meant to dehumanize children at put everyone on the path to a soulless technocracy.

The Attorney General of Virginia is considering intervening for students against this anti-freedom incursion onto their civil rights.

We have reported about the insanity of this liberal county and how it is a symbol of the direction that the extreme left abusers wish to take the education system coast to coast.

“Loudoun County emails reveal a constantly evolving explanation for how many board members knew of a school rape, with one member saying the school’s superintendent could have “missed an email” telling him about the rape — even though he had responded to this very email for more clarification and had allegedly heard about the rape from somebody else, as reported by The Daily Wire.

“Another email sent to the superintendent by Beth Barts, another board member, suggested other officials had heard of a rape happening at the school from the parents themselves.”

The public schools in the state of Virginia and nationwide employee child abusers. If they are not defeated fast and brought to justice, a whole generation will be twisted and warped beyond comprehension, leading to the end of civilization.

Author: Scott Dowdy