Liberals Threaten To Cause Chaos At Trump’s Next Rally


On May 14th, a number of far-left protesters are expected to congregate in Austin and march toward the city’s convention center, which will be hosting one of former Pres. Trump’s American Freedom Tour events.

According to many of their social media accounts and Facebook pages, these demonstrations will merge together to loudly tell Trump, other conservative guest speakers, and eventgoers that they are not welcome in “their” city.

“Trump isn’t welcome in Austin,” as one protest declared.

“Trump is still a free man two years after his failed attempt at a coup, touring the country to promote hatred, brutality, and his miserable political career.”

“Come tell the parasitic treasonous idiot and his addled fans that they are not welcome in our city,” the protest’s description states.

“Bring anti-Trump, anti-fascist, anti-racist, patriotic, pro-gay, pro-immigrant, pro-trans, and pro-choice banners and signs” is what organizers of this protest urge those participating in it to do.

They then urge their followers to invite friends and, in some cases, bring their own “guillotine.”

This wouldn’t be a left-wing demonstration if it didn’t include elements from Margaret Atwood’s book “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Which has become a standard of leftist protests, according to them, serving as a potent symbol against Republicans who wish to limit women’s bodies through “bans.”

Naturally, Planned Parenthood Texas is organizing a May 14th demonstration called The Bans Off Our Bodies in response to these bans. And for anybody who would want to go, they’ll be providing free bus transportation from Dallas, Houston, Waco, and Fort Worth to Austin.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place just blocks away from the Austin Convention Center, however. As Planned Parenthood tweeted:

“Planned Parenthood Texas Votes invites you to get involved in these efforts during this time of crisis. Now is the time to act all across the nation, not only to demonstrate that we support abortion access but also to indicate that we will not give in.”

The “Rally for Reproductive Rights” will take place near the Planned Parenthood Texas protest. A reported collaboration between The Coalition Austin, a student-run “social justice organization,” and TX4Abortion, a pro-abortion organization.

The organization’s Instagram account posted the following:

“On May 14th, as others are rising up across the country for reproductive freedom and Donald Trump and other authoritarian Republican fascists will be gathering in the Austin Convention Center – the same extremists fomenting this patriarchal upheaval on our rights – we will rise up. Abortion on Demand Without any Apology! We refuse to allow the Supreme Court dismiss our rights! Is it time for the end of Roe v. Wade? Hell no!!!”

These planned demonstrations have all conveyed the same underlying message: Trump and his fans, as well as “Republi-fascists, need to GTFO!”


Author: Scott Dowdy