Lindsey Graham Delivers The Finishing Blow To Biden’s Future

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) had an interview with Ed O’Keefe this Sunday morning. Graham, a top member of the Senate Budget Committee and the committee that appropriate funds for the State Dept. and foreign operations, talked with deep emotion about the Biden White House’s ongoing disaster in Afghanistan which has caused the deaths of 13 service members — and what it means for the U.S. homeland in the future.

Graham said:

“For one, I would not have withdrawn. I would have kept our counterterrorism forces there. Your journalist indicated that when we have people there with indigenous forces, that is the best insurance policy against another 9/11. I would have kept the Taliban to the conditions we agreed to during Trump’s presidency.”

“But let me say where I believe we are at. This is a catalyst, just beyond what I can describe. It’s been a very emotional few days for everyone. The parade of horribles are going to unfold.”

“We are leaving thousands of our Afghan allies behind who fought along with us. We are going to leave hundreds of American citizens there. The chances of a new 9/11 just went up. These attacks will not harm ISIS. The number of ISIS fighters have now doubled. We have turned our back on our allies.”

Author: Blake Ambrose