Liz Cheney Crosses Line, Gets Booted Out Of Washington

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney has been successfully ousted from her leadership role in the GOP party as Republicans send a clear message.

Support for Cheney’s removal from her position as No. 3 in the House Republican leadership was reportedly so strong on Wednesday that no formal vote even happened and she was removed by voice vote.

“Former democratic Rep Jeff Van Drew (now a Republican) tells me the vote of no confidence was a LOUD voice vote which Cheney failed,” Newsy reporter Nathaniel Reed wrote on Twitter. “Says no one spoke up to defend her.”

CNN’s Manu Raju said that there was “no debate inside the room” and that the entire process from start to finish only took roughly 20 minutes.

Republicans felt that Cheney’s continued comments against Trump and conflicting statements against leadership were playing into the Democrats’ hands and becoming a distraction. She already survived a vote of no confidence in February, but instead of treading lightly after the warning shot, Cheney continued to double-down on her rhetoric, further harming the Republican party until she was finally removed from the leadership role.

“We must go forward based on truth. We cannot both embrace the big lie and embrace the Constitution,” Cheney proclaimed. “The nation needs it. The nation needs a strong Republican Party. The nation needs a party that that is based upon fundamental principles of conservatism. And I am committed and dedicated to ensuring that that’s how this party goes forward. And I plan to lead the fight to do that.”

In response to a question of her concern over the possibility of former President Trump ending up back in the Oval Office, Cheney claimed she was prepared to prevent that from happening.

“I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office,” the anti-Trump Republican said.

“We have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language,” Cheney further claimed. “We have seen his lack of commitment and dedication to the Constitution. And I think it’s very important that we make sure whomever we elect is somebody who will be faithful to the Constitution.”

Former President Trump responded to Cheney’s ousting by saying in a statement: “Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being. I watched her yesterday and realized how bad she is for the Republican Party. She has no personality or anything good having to do with politics or our Country. She is a talking point for Democrats, whether that means the Border, the gas lines, inflation, or destroying our economy. She is a warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our Great Military, the worst decision in our Country’s history. I look forward to soon watching her as a Paid Contributor on CNN or MSDNC!”

Trump was likely referring to watching Cheney speak on the House floor yesterday, not about any of the crises facing the U.S. under the Biden administration, but about Trump not accepting the election results.

Author: Mike Barcen