Lockdown 2.0 Is Right Around The Corner

As Dr. Fauci and President Biden are spreading fear over the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus, falsely saying it is “deadlier” than other versions of the virus, the WH is also supporting new lockdowns.

During the routine briefing at the White House this week, Press Secretary Psaki was asked about the Biden Admin. bringing back lockdowns if governors choose to enact them. While she said that vaccination rates would likely prevent the scenario on a federal level, she gave the possibility of new possible restrictions.

“If the amount of cases keeps going up, are there any situations under which the Biden Team would restart some of the restrictions as cases go up? Or would this be up to states?” a reporter said.

“Well, the states will make evaluations about what is in their interests. And, as we understand, there are much more vaccinations happening in certain parts of the country compared to others, and we certainly support the decisions to use any measure that they believe will help their community stay safe,” she responded.

“But I would remind you, we were at a point where we are almost at 70 percent vaccinated, for adults 27 and up, and almost there for everyone 18 and up. So, certainly, we do not see we’re on track to implement new national measures.”

Research and data reveals that economic shutdowns were and continue to be very harmful.

New data has revealed a stunning amount of so-called ‘collateral damage’ because of the lockdowns. This can be expected to adversely affect millions of people around the world with food insecurity, severe poverty, maternal and toddler mortality, infectious disease death from interrupted medical services, school closures for children, interrupted tradition vaccination for millions of children. In higher-income nations adverse effects also happen from delayed healthcare, unemployment, lower mental health, increased opioid addiction and deaths, and a lot more.

But it seems that Democrats don’t care for these things. They instead only care for using Covid-19, a virus with a well over 95% survival rate, as a political weapon in their drive to claim more power over Americans’ lives.

Author: Scott Dowdy