MAGA Leaders Announce A New Army To Fight Establishment

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said over 100 Republicans from Congress will be backing Harriet Hageman, a Republican Wyoming state representative, in Cheney’s primary fight.

Over 100 Republican members will be there at the end of March to back Hageman, according to McCartt, who backed Cheney’s primary opponent in February. The minority leader and House Republicans have been harsh in their criticism of Cheney, stating that the best approach forward is to aid Hageman who is seeking her seat.

McCarthy did not name names of Republicans who were attending the event or where it would be held, but he did say that Cheney has simply neglected to work for Wyoming’s citizens.

“Your conference has nothing to do with whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. You can make that call yourself. And what I’m doing is the right way to go about it, as you’ll discover when Harriet’s event next week comes around. No one knows this, so there are more than 100 co-sponsors for that,” McCarthy said to The Caller.

“Liz isn’t doing her job for Wyoming because she doesn’t work in the field of natural resources. She gave that up. The Wyoming Legislature’s primary committee is the most important to the voters, and they get to choose whether you’re allowed to serve in Congress. We get to decide if you’ll be a leader or not. Because Liz didn’t do her job as conference chair, she was unceremoniously removed from it.,” he stated further.

In May of 2021, Cheney was removed from her leadership position by a show of hands. Republicans voted Cheney out as the third-ranking House Republican behind closed doors.

The Daily Caller contacted McCarthy’s staff to find out more information about the event in support of Hageman, and they stated that it will take place on March 30 in Washington D.C…

This comes at a time when Donald Trump has grown in support and more and more Republicans are turning to the MAGA wing of the party as the only way going forward for the GOP.

Author: Steven Sinclaire