MAGA Republican Attempts To End Biden’s Agenda By Cutting Off The Cash


Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO) has pushed new legislation that is greatly supported by MAGA conservatives, the “No Taxpayer-Funded Attorneys for Illegals Act,” which removes federally-funded support to people who flood into the country illegally.

Boebert said Fox News that no group that gets federal funds should use that money for legal aid for illegals.

“The idea is simple: No more American money to help illegals get around our laws,” Boebert stated in her interview with Fox News.

The bill focuses on the Biden White Houses effort to give legal services to illegals flooding into the country through seven border towns. The Legal Access at the Border (LAB) policy seeks to help migrants in their preparation to go into the immigration process for California, Arizona and Texas, Axios said in Jan. Services will be given to people attempting to cross the border, people already in custody of the Border Patrol, or those who are in the Remain in Mexico program.

“Democrats wish to treat border facilities like an Oprah Winfrey show,” Boebert said. “You get free education, plane tickets, free medical care. Everything is free, free, free. It must stop and my bill is the first step in doing this.”

The law also zeroes in on private groups getting federal dollars that give money to immigrant defense programs, in particular the Vera Institute of Justice which was given a $158 million taxpayer-funded contract to aid unaccompanied minors in avoiding deportation.

Boebert’s bill would also stop cities from giving money for legal aid to illegals. The Vera group is collaborating with some cities in an effort to form a public defender system for illegals facing deportation.

The group said to Fox News in January that giving legal representation to immigrants is “well supported and in line with our real shared American values.”

“No one should go to immigration court without a lawyer, especially when the consequences are possible deportation. It is the government’s responsibility to guard the rights, health, and security or our communities, including immigrants targeted by our expanding federal police system,” the group said.


Author: Blake Ambrose